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Commonly people forget themselves – remember you are the only you and you need to take care of you first to be able to helpothers.

- Inger Nordin



We help women step into their POWER - financially, personally, and professionally - without  compromising their femininity. 

Inger Nordin

Inger Nordin

Owner & CEO

Author, Life & Business Coach

EDUCATION: MSc Computer Science & Technology * Executive Master of Business Administration * Project Management Professional * Effective Directorship * Business Accelerator Bootcamp * Millionaire Business Builder Camp * Ultimate Leadership Camp * Life Enhancement Processing

COMPETENCE AREAS: Marketing * Leadership * Handling Change Processes * Board work (Chairman) * Teaching * Project Management * Lecturer/Speaker * Mentoring * Key Account Management * Sales * Security – from a business perspective

Inger is the Founder and Owner of “IN Life Amplification” (coaching, training, etc.) and RE-Act, LLC (property investment, closed down in 2021). She has had +35 years of experience working with big international corporations in management positions, mastering the complete sales and delivery process. Her drive, goal and result oriented focus developed her great leadership.

After retiring from the corporate world Inger became bored, she knew she had so much more to offer. She missed being a part of something. It was during this time that she came across a life changing seminar that put her on a new path and purpose.

As she began moving in this new direction, she realized she was on the right path when people started to approach her and tell her that she was inspiring and had a duty to step up and be seen. This verified that she had found her new calling.

Her passion is helping people to truly succeed and so her coaching is almost always based on the learnings of Alan C Walter; working with processing - aiding people via an efficient & effective method to recover their life-force so that they are able to gain mastery over all areas of their life.

Inger is a networker, connector and inspirer. She is known for her big heart and for always wanting to share and help others. In her free time you can find her playing golf, jumping in the waves, or enjoying the company of her friends & family.

Our Team

Below are the dream team servicing you - all of us speak English

Inger Nordin

Owner, Life & Business Coach, Money Management Strategist and Course Instructor

Swedish speaking

Anne Göransson

Course Instructor

Swedish speaking

Christina Bohane

Personal Trainer, Finnish, Swedish, German and French speaking

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Florian Fritz

Money Teacher

Sonia Benavent


Spanish speaking

Migs Abad


Filipino speaking

Providing Virtual Assistance services

Tracy Rickards

Coach, Business Strategist